Our Approach

Who are the Shelton's

The Shelton Family has been living in the Smokey Mountains in Shelton Laurel for hundreds of years.  The family is well known in the area and famous for the story of the Civil War Story, "The Shelton Laurel Massacre."  Sol Shelton (pictured below) is the oldest living relative and still lives on the family land.  Pictured here are Olivia Ashford (Plattsmouth, NE), Polly Gott (Shelton Laurel - Famous Artist), Ray Smith (Atlanta, GA), and Harry Smith (Shreveport, LA).

Our Story

The Shelton Family

The family settled in what is known today as Shelton Laurel in the early 1800's. The family meets every year at the Shelton Laurel Firehouse on the last Sunday in May every year for a family reunion.  Here are some of the main characters.

Sol Shelton - Head Shot

Solomon Shelton

Sol Shelton grew up on the family tobacco farm.  He still lives on the property next to the original family house that is currently unlivable.  Right out his front door, you can see an amazing view of the Smokey Mountains, the original tobacco barn and livestock barn.  He is the oldest surviving relative at 84.

Don't let his age fool you, he still has pep in his step and is well known in Shelton Laurel.

Olivia Ashford - Head Shot

Olivia Ashford

Olivia is married to Sonny Ashford and lives in Plattsmouth, NE.  She has two children, James Ashford and Shannon Becker.

James Ashford is married to Jacqui Ashford lives in Skiatook, OK.  They have 5 children, Taylor, Erin, Jamison, Emily and Marche.

Shannon Becker is married to Francis Becker and lives in Ft. Leonardwood, MO.  They have 4 children, Tanner, Kian, Shawn and Wyatt.

Ray Smith - Head Shot

Ray Smith

Ray Smith is married to Shirley Smith and lives outside Atlanta in Gwinnett Country Georgia.  He has two children, Victoria Smith and Angel Young.

Victoria Smith has 3 children and lives in Atlanta, GA.  They are Kyle, Aubrey and Ashton.

Angel Young is married to David Yound and lives in Atlanta, GA.  They have one child, Elenor.

Harry Smith - Head Shot

Harry Smith

Harry Smith lives outside of Shreveport, LA in Blanchard.  He has one daughter, Hanna Smith. 

Hanna Smith lives in Monroe, LA.